Born in 1995 to John and Christine Aquilina, Luke has spent his entire life striving to learn more about the world. On his journey Luke has accumulated knowledge in a wide variety of subjects including technology, computers, programming, design, business, finance, and philosophy. He is considered by many to be a talented, ambitious, and driven individual. Luke was introduced to computers by his father at a young age and experienced growing up in the dawn of the Internet and expanded mobile personal computing. His affinity for tinkering with personal computers grew with him as he continued his early education. At the age of thirteen, Luke began diving into the inner workings of the Internet by learning the basics of HTML and CSS. His unquenchable desire for knowledge eventually culminated into freelance web coding and design work. At the age of sixteen, he jumped on the opportunity to start his own PC service and sales business while concurrently attending Franklin High School in Livonia. The Livonia Career Intern Program allowed him the flexibility to finish high school with a 4.08 GPA while also leading as CEO and primary technician. Four years later, Computer Mechanics is still standing strong with Luke at the helm to help guide the company on its journey to growth and success. Luke continues to manage daily operations in his store and assists numerous customers with their computing needs. He also is concurrently enrolled as a junior in Eastern Michigan University’s Computer Information Systems program. Luke’s excellent academic performance and formidable ACT score assisted him in attaining an extensive EMU Emerald Scholarship and a spot in the EMU Honor’s College. He ultimately plans to achieve the mastery of business and computing in order to expand Computer Mechanics reach and position them as the leader in refurbished PC sales and service.